Stop Losing Sleep and Start Helping Your Child Achieve More At School

Stop Losing Sleep and Start Helping Your Child Achieve More At School

If you’re a caring parent living around the Burleigh area and your child is experiencing issues at school, then you need to discover how we can help you!

  • Are you worrying about your child’s future?
  • Are you stressed about your child’s focus at school?
  • Should your child be achieving better grades?
  • Is your child missing opportunities because they are too shy?
  • Does you child hate school sports?

Well, I’m not sure if you already know this, but martial arts can certainly help your child’s performance in school. In fact we receive regular reports from other Gold Coast parents that their child’s school teacher has asked what’s “changed” because their child’s attitude, grades and behaviour have improved significantly. The change has occurred when they started their martial arts classes with us here at Black Belt Plus!

Training in a great child-focused martial arts school has tons of benefits that will really help your child excel, academically and socially.

8 behaviours affecting your child’s success in school…

1. My Child Has Low Self-Esteem

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Are you worried that your child is missing out at school, socially and academically, because they can’t stand up for themselves or comfortably contribute to class discussion? Or maybe they are just overlooked when it’s time to pick a team, or be invited to a party?

It’s heartbreaking to watch children trapped with low self esteem.

Training in a great children's martial arts program develops your child’s confidence by getting them to use their voice in class, leading the class with the nightly creed, training with different partners, learning empowering techniques, receiving recognition for achievements, feeling safe in the class group, and making new healthy friendships with like-minded children.

Improving your child’s self esteem is the one of the most rewarding aspects of our job as professional martial artists!

Your child feeling safe, respected and valued in their martial arts classes also improves their confidence to “give things a go” outside also. Imagine your child having new confidence to participate in their classroom more, stand up at school assembly, run for house/school captain etc. Priceless!

2. My Child is Bullied

kids karate gold coast

Are you worried that your child is a target for bullies? Has your child been threatened, teased or attacked at school? For parents this can be a huge worry.

If we can arm with your child with the knowledge to identify the 3 levels of bullying behaviour plus some easy, effective and safe ways to protect themselves physically, I’m sure you’ll be feeling more relaxed and confident that they can cope if it happens!

It’s a very emotional topic to discuss with bullied victims and their parents, however once your child has the confidence and skills to stop a bully in their tracks, they rarely become a victim again.

We’re here to help your child build their courage to protect themselves against bullies, so they can enjoy happy and safe school years, with the knowledge to handle themselves if required.

3. My Child Can’t Concentrate

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Lets face it… kids are distracted by so much now! They are the masters of multi-tasking and this makes it hard for them to focus on just one thing at a time, and seeing it through to completion.

If we can calm your child down, engage them to do one thing at a time, teach them that concentration is vital for completion - I’m sure it relieves some of your stress!

If your child doesn’t listen to you at home, you have to wonder how much they are missing at school. From day one, we have a great drill called “The 4 Rules of Focus” which will have your child concentrating on what you are saying, watching you, listening to you and facing you when you talk to them.

So with the help of kids martial arts classes in Burleigh, your child will be able to concentrate more in the school classroom and you’ll no longer be frustrated and upset to receive reports which say “underachieving” or “can apply him/herself better” or “doesn’t follow instructions” or “likes to be the class clown”…

4. My Child Won’t Take Responsibility

Kids karate training gold coast

Imagine your child’s face when they’re handed their folded, bright white uniform and white belt. This is their first step to being a responsible martial artist! Each class your child is responsible for being dressed in their uniform, ready to start class on time, and able to tie their belt correctly.

Naturally your child will be learning skills to protect themselves and friends, so we teach them to also take responsibility for their actions - and not misuse their punching and kicking skills!

Every student is responsible for their own progress, which is at their own pace. This reinforces the value of home practice between lessons and we have a structured home practice program which helps to develop this skill. Even our youngest students take responsibility for their rewards and home practice.

You will see results of your child’s improved responsibility flow into their schoolwork. You just might not need to continue nagging for homework to be completed on time!

5. My Child is Disrespectful

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Do you wonder whether your child actually respects you? It’s painful to hear them speak badly to you or others, and without any remorse isn’t it?

If your child doesn’t respect you, there’s a good change they don’t respect themselves either. This is where our program steps in to help you.

Great martial arts instructors don’t command respect, they actually earn it. In every class we treat your child with compassion and interest, within the structured setting of our fun classes. Thetangible milestones of the belt ranking system celebrates their achievements and successes, which is a fantastic tool to develop your child’s self respect!

Your child will quickly discover respect is displayed and earned throughout their martial arts classes and the dojo. Learning to bow to their instructor and other students is a humble greeting at the start and finish of class. The different ranks amongst students teaches respect to those more senior. Class mat chats from our character development program deliver age-appropriate education and projects on the value of respect, for the students themselves and others.

If your child can participate in an fun activity which builds their self respect, you’ll feel so much better knowing they’ll also be learning to show you and others respect also! Your school teacher will be grateful to have more respect in the classroom also!

6. My Child Lacks Self-Discipline

Believe it or not - kids do like boundaries!

Are you a busy parent who’s frustrated when your children don’t do what they are asked to do, the FIRST TIME? Of course you’re not alone!

To progress with their martial arts training, your child is going to need to develop self discipline:-

  • Techniques need to be learned
  • Minimum attendance is needed
  • Do-it-first-time-attitude at home needs to be good
  • School reports need to be good
  • Behaviour in the dojo must be great
  • Character development projects need to be completed​

We remind our students that the only difference between a White Belt student and a Black Belt student is… the Black Belt didn’t quit! This is the most obvious martial arts lesson in self discipline!

Our youngest children learn more age-appropriate skills like self discipline on road safety, stranger danger and fire safety.

By developing your children’s self discipline you’ll feel more confident when you’re not around to supervise them. And, of course self discipline has a huge impact on the success of your child at school.

7. My Child Has Trouble Setting Goals

Does your child set unrealistic goals and feel defeated when they can’t achieve them?

This is where the martial arts belt ranking system helps out! We celebrate new belt rankings every 12 weeks. It is a step-by-step process which requires patience and perseverance on the part of your child. This enables them to grow personally.

At school your child will also learn to set achievable goals for their projects and assessments.

8. My Child is Overweight / Unfit

Is your child a little overweight and unfit? Spending time glued to a TV or computer screen will soon take its toll on your child’s health. The increase in childhood diabetes is a stark reality and the thought of parents outliving their children due to poor health is hard to imagine.

You must get your child off the couch and into an activity that they love so much they want to continue long enough to see results.

Have you noticed in addition to health risks, overweight/unfit kids will often show signs of lower self esteem, lack of self discipline, lack of self respect, problems with friends/bullies… The problem is compounded and their behaviour can easily spiral down and deteriorate as they get older.

Did you know a great age-specific martial arts program will develop your child’s aerobic fitness, strength, flexibility and co-ordination? It works their body from top to toe… with a curriculum to suit their growing body.

If we can help you to improve your child’s fitness and health, plus develop their positive outlook to achieve whatever they put their mind to, do you think they will be unstoppable?

Stop Losing Sleep and Start Taking Action to Improve Your Child’s School Life

One of our best kept secrets is we have many kindergarten, and school teachers’ own children training in our programs! They see how martial arts training positively impacts their children’s lives both at home and at pre/school. Consider us a part of the team of 3 helping to develop your child - from home, school and in the dojo.

Your child will achieve more at school by:

1. Developing more responsibility

2. Increasing their self esteem

3. Knowing how to handle the bully

4. Improving their focus and concentration

5. Developing self respect & respect for others

6. Increasing their self discipline

7. Practising goal setting

8. Improving their fitness and health

We have various life-changing programs that will improve your child’s school performance here at Black Belt Plus in Burleigh! It’s fun. It’s enriching. Click below to learn more!

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