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How to Do A Push Kick – Self Defence Classes To Help You Defend Yourself Against Bullies

At Black Belt Plus Martial Arts Centre, we take bullying very seriously. Chief Instructor Jonathan Hourigan has over 25 years of experience in martial arts has dedicated his career to building innovative programs centred around anti-bullying, practical self-defence and personal development.  Our self defence classes in the Gold Coast will provide you with a series of skills, confidence and courage to stand up for yourself and help others.

In this blog,  we show you a snippet of our bullying workshop where Chief Instructor Jonathan will demonstrate how to do an effective ‘push kick’ technique as a strong defensive option you are confronted by bullying.


JONATHON: So mums and dads, boys and girls, in our martial arts school, Black Belt Plus, the curriculum we use here is the one that I’ve evolved over 25 years of teaching.

So my background is formally Taekwondo, but I really saw the need to develop the curriculum to suit what children need, not just a blanket curriculum that was taught to Korean soldiers.

The techniques that children need are completely different to battle or even what adults need in an assault situation.

So the next technique we use, that shows strength and again doesn’t hurt is … Ben’s fallen asleep, top nap Ben. Okay, now this one’s called a Push Kick. It looks like a Front Kick, but what you do, is you’re going to do it to the front of the body. Okay, you’re going to lift your leg up, touch, and push away like that and then you say, “Back off”. Okay? So again they think, “Awgh, truly that was strong, awgh I don’t want to mess with you, you must be a Karate expert”. Then they go hassling somebody else, so put your leg up, “Back off”. Okay, lets try that, and go. Nice.

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