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Bullying at School: How to Stop it for Good

Bullying at School How to Stop it for Good

Once you and your child continue to practice these skills of focusing and refocusing, your child will learn how to do this all on their own. It’ll become second nature the more you practice it. Like we mentioned before, this foundation gives them really remarkable advantages when it comes to schoolwork, learning in a classroom, and becoming a responsible person as they grow. These preschool years really are where the habits of success are formed, however you define success- and martial arts is a FUN and purposeful way to build those habits the right way! The transformations we see in our youngest kids year after year is really what motivates us and drives us in our preschool classes. Come see for yourself how martial arts classes can change your young child’s life and make a more peaceful home!

Confidence Helps Against Bullying at School

Bullying at School

The cool thing about martial arts is that once you and your child keep practicing these skills of emotional regulation and self control, your child will learn how to do this all on their own.

And the more you practice, the more intuitive it’ll become. Like we mentioned before, these skills don’t just apply to tantrums. A strong foundation of life skills give really remarkable advantages when it comes to completing their homework, learning in a classroom environment, and being a part of the family as they grow older.

These preschool years really are where successful habits are formed- and martial arts is such a fun and rewarding way to build those habits the right way! Year after year, we’re inspired and motivated by the transformations we see in the behavior of our preschool students. Come see for yourself how martial arts classes can change your preschool-aged child’s life and make a more peaceful home!

Teaching Confidence in Our Martial Arts Classes

Martial Arts Classes in Burleigh Heads

You may be asking yourself- Can your child actually learn how to stop bullying at school through martial arts? YES! We teach kids confidence-building by strengthening their internal self-talk (which we’ll cover in just a second).

We also show them how to plan and achieve the goals they set for themselves. As your child ascends through the belt ranks, they’ll see their efforts produce big wins, and become really proud and confident when they’re consistently hitting those goals.

That feeling of accomplishment, and the way we practice respecting and listening to others, will help them gather the internal strength to feel confident in standing up to any bully that crosses their path on the playground, in the classroom- or even in their own head. Plus, we show our students the almighty power of positive self-talk. “Self-talk,” also known as mindset, is how a child talks to themselves in day-to-day life.

This self-talk can either be encouraging and positive, or discouraging and negative, and we teach our kids to tend towards the former.

Positive Self Talk to Combat Bullying

Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

Martial arts isn’t always easy, especially for kids. They are just starting the process of learning hand-eye coordination, focus, balance, and motor skills (which martial arts classes expedite, by the way, giving your child a competitive advantage in academic settings ).

When they’re struggling to get a certain combo right, they can start to think, “I’m dumb. I’ll never learn this. I’m failing. I don’t want to try again or else I’ll just embarrass myself.” But our world-class instructors are fast to correct this, coaching with more of that positive thinking. We show students how to have a success-based mindset : “I’m trying. I’m proud of myself for trying. Yes I can, and yes I will.

I will not give up until I succeed.” As anyone who’s been bullied knows, being bullied really freaking sucks, and it can get your confidence way down. Oftentimes, bullies can sense what we’re feeling the least confident about. Encouraging a positive mindset in martial arts classes will not only help a child become more confident to stand up to the bully, but it can start to diminish the burden that repetitive negative comments create in our kids.

Nonviolent Ways to Stand Up to Bullies

Kids Martial Arts Classes in Burleigh Heads

Lastly, of course, is the actual self defense piece that martial arts is famous for. Don’t worry- martial arts will not make your child violent or aggressive, or give them any ideas about unleashing their kung fu skills on their younger siblings or classmates.

They will not become a bully themselves! Instead, martial arts the way we teach it, will help your child learn how to use other tools in their toolkit to diffuse an elevated situation, like a bullying experience, using nonviolent methods of conflict resolution.

From day one, we show students that physical self defense is only to be used in emergency situations. It’s a good thing to have in your back pocket, but it’s not going to be your first go-to when you’re dealing with a bully. Instead, we show students that their voice and their posture can be weapons all their own. When they have straight posture, they exude confidence- remember, a confident child is 90% of the way to bully-proofness! Bullies will be surprised to this kind of reaction as they’re used to an unconfident person.

We also teach our kids that martial artists use their voice to stand up for themselves and others. Bullies choose targets who seem shy or easily bothered- “the lamb”. We show our kids that they can be lions! Strong, courageous, and steadfast leaders who aren’t afraid to do what’s right, without having to take the claws out.

Stop Bullying at Your Child’s School

Stop Bullying at Your Child’s School

If your child is struggling with bullying – let us help you. In special cases like this, we take the time to sit down with you and your child to create a customized plan of action in addressing the bullying and help your child regain their confidence.

Every student is unique, and we’ve helped hundreds of kids become confident bully-proof leaders. We want to help your child too! Check out our risk-free trial on kids martial arts to get your child on the right track.