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Boost Your Child’s Confidence, Self-Respect & Focus
With Our Little Ninja Program

3 Weeks of Classes + FREE Uniform for Just $39.99!
(uniform valued at $79)

It Isn’t Too Early or Too Late to Instill Discipline, Focus & Attention in Children... at Black Belt Plus, 
We Have The Magic Formula!

When we call for attention at the start of each class, the children know it’s time to get ready, focus on the task ahead and be respectful of others.

If your child is having difficulty focusing or settling into school, then we have the right strategies that can make a real difference.

We have had children suffer terribly from separation anxiety and others have trouble adhering to a routine when they arrive, yet by the time they leave, they are confident and ready to show the world what they’re made of.

Understanding the triggers behind different behaviours in children and utilizing a range of proven strategies has resulted in two carefully developed Little Ninja’s programs which are energetic, engaging and full of fun!

Age Specific Programs From Just 3 Years

Our children's 3 - 6 year old classes are split into two programs for different age groups. We ensure children are properly supervised and in a class with others of a similar age and rank. Our community of children and their families often forge long-lasting friendships with other like-minded families along their martial arts journey.

Prep Little Ninjas - ages 3 to 4

In this preliminary martial arts program, your child will experience training to target the skills that are currently in their development.  Coordination plus behaviour and character development are the primary focus.  Our simple format includes age-appropriate exercises, life lessons, martial arts drills and games specifically designed to give your child an edge in their early childhood.  Your Prep Little Ninja will love this fun packed 30 minute.

Little Ninjas - ages 5 to 6

Between preparatory and early primary school, your child is building eight basic fundamental skills: focus, teamwork, control, memory, balance, discipline, fitness and
Our program targets these skills with a comprehensive training system, designed to generate maximum results with our unique goal-orientated curriculum. These classes are also jam packed with fun!

Fun, Friendly, Safe Classes!

In addition, each class is structured with a specifically designed curriculum based on age, to ensure your child gets the most out of every lesson, regardless of their starting point.

  • Cardio Fitness through fun warm ups and games
  • We ensure there is more than one instructor per class to maintain a high instructor/student ratio
  • Balance and Strength needed for successful physical accomplishments
  • Development of large movements, awareness of surroundings and coordination
  • Practical bully defence skills based on real life situations

Your child will be encouraged to work at their own pace and we partner appropriately for drills. We have group warm-up and cool down games which are so much fun that even the more shyer children will want to participate!

We also pride ourselves on our bright, clean, training facility with state of the art equipment customized to suit our different age-specific programs.

As a “Safety First” school, we have safety flooring, training aids and on the safety scale, it's reported as safer than ballroom dancing!

3 Weeks of Classes + FREE Uniform for Just $39.99!
(uniform valued at $79)

Be Trained In A Program That Is At The Forefront Of The Martial Arts Industry for Child Development

Jonathan Hourigan has over 25 years of experience in martial arts and is an internationally certified instructor and pioneer in child development through martial arts. He has dedicated his career to building innovative programs centred around anti-bullying, practical self-defence and personal development.

Passionate about equipping children and adults with the mental, physical and spiritual strength to see them through every facet of life, Chief Instructor Jonathan has trained his team and developed programs that are a cut above the rest.

Each instructor at the school is:

  • A full-time career instructor with most having taught for 10+ years.
  • Passionate about educating children to get the best out of them throughout their martial arts journey
  • First aid qualified
  • The holder of a current Queensland Govt. "Working with Children Check" Blue card.
  • Hand-picked and trained to ensure the same knowledge, effort and consistency is provided to all students.
  • Fully accredited with the Martial Arts Industry Association.

Our team works together to deliver to you a program, results, experiences and even more than that…memories that you will hold dear for a lifetime.

Hear What Gold Coast Parents Are Saying!

Sally Nickless

(Alexander, Caspian & Alby's mum)

"After 6 weeks he was a different child!"

We had a 3 year old who struggled with group participation and focus. Heading into kindy we had tried many parenting techniques and group sports.Initially, his behaviour was improved just as an incentive to start. After 3 weeks we found he was happier, excited and doing as he was told. After 6 weeks he was a different child! Better behaved, making good choices and able to focus in a group.

Katrina Johnston

(Alijah's mum)

"The changes are so positive!"

Alijah was 3 when he started and the smallest in the class. We could see the benefits of the program and were really unsure whether to continue because he was so clingy. We felt so strongly that it was a great program for 3 + 4 year olds and we are so happy now that we've stuck it out. The changes in Alijah are so positive. His social skills have improved, he doesn't need us in the class with him anymore, and his instructors also notice a huge change is his balance, focus and co-ordination. We really can recommend Prep Little Ninjas to other families.

Michelle Deleeuw

(Mason & Taylor's mum)

"Motivated to help out at home"

We discovered the Little Ninjas program approx 6 weeks ago and both our children are loving their classes. They are really engaged in the Good Habits program and motivated to help out at home and achieve their rewards. We were recently surprised when our kids were taught to remember my mobile phone no. for emergencies. We never imagined they could do this. Also, we get great info from your parenting tips - things we sometimes overlook!

Deb Burgermeister

(Jackson's mum)

"It's been such a perfect fit after trying so many sports"

We want to say how special you made Jackson feel on Sat and we appreciate the effort you guys put in for the enjoyment and development of our child. It has been such a perfect fit for Jackson after years of trying soccer, cricket, gymnastics and trampolining, this is finally "his thing". Jackson really is dedicated for the long term and just loves it so much. You can always ask him to help you with anything you need and I'm sure he would rise to the challenge. He plays chess also which has amazed us in his concentration for that. We are so grateful to have found your wonderful welcoming place.

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3 Weeks of Classes + FREE Uniform for Just $39.99!
(uniform valued at $79)

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