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Effective Punch Technique to Protect Yourself Against Bullies

In this blog, we show you another snippet of our bullying workshop where Chief Instructor Jonathon will demonstrate how to do an effective ‘punch’ technique to protect yourself against bullies.


TEACHER: They’re not scared of you and you’re scared of them. Isn’t that right? What we need to do is we need to become strong. If you were the toughest fighter in your grade, meaning you could beat anybody, would you walk around the schoolyard being scared?


TEACHER: No, you wouldn’t because you’re so tough! Okay. I’m not talking about those people. I’m just talking about being strong. We’ve got to get you strong. Strong in your body but also you’ve got to learn some other things here. This word up here, courage. We’re going to teach you to be strong with your words as well. We’ll get onto that today, but let’s start getting our body nice and strong.

TEACHER: Now with the bully, we don’t want to hurt them, but we do want to show them that we’re not scared of them and they can’t push us around. What we’re going to do is we’re going to learn to do this punch. This is a reverse punch…like that. This is our back hand. This is our power hand, so we’re going to strike to the belly and then we’re going to come back. That’s all we’re going to do. Because if you punch someone to the belly, it doesn’t break anything. There’s no blood, but it forces the air out of their stomach and they might get a bit winded and they might cry, but in a little while they’ll be okay.

TEACHER: Okay. Let’s try that punch. The way we’re going to do it. We’re going to be facing the mirrors like this. We’ve got our right leg back. Hands up like this. This right hand, which is most people’s power hand, is going to go straight to the belly and come back. So you do that strike to the side please, that way. Good. So you do that strike there. Okay, Elliot. Good. Okay. Right. Everybody up.