How to Develop Self-Discipline in Children. Black Belt Plus - Gold Coast

How You Can Improve Your Child’s Self-Discipline

This month we are looking at Self-Discipline and the incredibly important role you as a parent, and us as instructors at the Black Belt Plus Martial Arts Centre, play in helping to develop self-discipline in children. In the second of our four part series, Chief Instructor Jonathon Hourigan continues to discuss the various methods and some tips and tricks you an use at home to develop self-discipline in your children which will lead to a life of confidence and success.

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JONATHON: Hi mums and dads. Jonathon Hourigan from Blackbelt Plus here in Burleigh and we’re continuing with our chats about how we can use self discipline to improve our children.

Today I want to talk about the different ages and stages of development. With our three and four year olds, they’re at an emotional stage so we need to foster positive emotions by using constant reinforcement.

With the five and six year olds, they’re learning about right and wrong and how to make good choices over bad ones.

With our seven to nines, they’re learning about the consequences of negative behaviour. So doing what they have to do without being reminded is one of the things we want to focus with them.

And then with our 10 years plus, they’re learning about the side effects of not having self discipline in their life. So we want to teach them there about being responsible for their actions.

So I hope these tips have helped and I look forward to seeing you next video. Thanks, bye.