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develop children respect

In this blog, Chief Instructor Jonathon Hourigan discusses one of the most important things you can teach your child – respect. He shared some tips on how you can help develop respect with children of different ages. develop children respect

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JONATHON: Hi mums and dads. Jonathon here again from Black Belt Plus here in Burleigh and this month’s life skill is about respect. One of the most important things you can teach your child is respect and some parents think that respect is the same thing as obedience, but children will obey you if they’re afraid of you, but if they respect you they will obey you because they love you and they know that you love them.develop children respect

Now I’ve got some tips on how we can help develop respect with children of different ages, so with our three and four year olds, they’re just learning to act appropriately with others, so we want to teach them how to have good manners saying please and thank you. With the five and six year olds, they’re learning that the way they act has an effect on others positively and negatively, so teaching them how to be good sportsmen is really good.

Seven to nines, they’re becoming more independent and they’re making their own decisions, so we want to teach them about self-respect and then with our 10 years up, they’re starting to have their own identity and popularity, so with those guys what we want to do is teach them to have respect for their friends by not gossiping or bullying.

So next time, I’ll have some more kids life skills for you and a great home project that you could try. Thanks for watching and catch you next time. develop children respect