How Martial Arts Will Prepare Your Child For School Success This Year

How Martial Arts Will Prepare Your Child For School Success This Year

Our team at Black Belt Plus know that children come home from school with grades that you need to worry about, and it can be difficult to address.

Bad grades can be due to various reasons and dealing with it is an important and tricky matter. Some children may have a hard time focusing in class, others are just lazy, while some just really have trouble learning. The struggle is real!

One thing is for sure, parents need to work with their children in order to improve this. We cannot just tell the children to study harder without giving them the adequate help they need.

The first step could be to schedule a meeting with their teacher/s and discuss the problem and the different ways you can help your child do better in school.
One proven way that can help improve their performance in school is by getting them into a great martial arts program such as the Little Ninjas or children's martial arts programs at Black Belt Plus in Burleigh. 

Many people don't know that the skills and training children get from martial arts can apply to school work as well. Most of them actually show improved study habits and overall performance within a few months. And here's why: 

Positive Role Models

As they go through their martial arts training, children will always be surrounded by role models who constantly show and teach them many different positive values aside from the standard martial arts skills training.

These are necessary as they go hand in hand to be able to successfully learn proper martial arts. The teachers empower children to be their best and give them the necessary support and encouragement every time.

The boost in their self-esteem and encouragement they get regularly from their martial arts teacher will subconsciously carry on into their school work.

Physical Fitness

It's pretty hard to do anything well if you're not in tip top shape. You don’t feel confident and hardly have the energy needed to accomplish tasks. 

Once children start training in martial arts, they're constantly reminded to eat healthy, keep fit and exercise regularly even outside the dojo.

Once they are able to feel healthier and better about themselves, they will also start performing better in school and their grades will no doubt improve.

A High Energy, Exciting Environment

Our tech savvy children are accustomed to playing with gadgets and anything on-line, which often means they lack regular personal interaction with others.

Being part of a high energy and exciting environment found in their martial arts classes develops social skills and is a great place to make healthy new friendships. 

Regular Incentives for Effort and Achievement

In the same breath, the rewards system given in martial arts where students earn a new coloured belt every 3 months is similar to that in school.

When they get a certain grade, the children receive certificates or medals at the end of each grading period. They also receive feedback and recognition on a regular basis from their instructors.

As parents we should also recognise our children’s efforts and achievements, not just in school or in the dojo, but also at home when they do their chores or when they simply show good behaviour.

Consider giving them rewards at home as well to motivate them to do better, and it doesn't have to be anything material or expensive.

Also, hearing words of affirmation, such as "You did a great job!", "You make me smile", "Thanks for being such a hard worker", or "Wow! You’re fast!" from their parents or teachers can help boost their self-esteem and encourage them to do even better next time.

A Proven System of Skill Development

The discipline required from martial arts students will carry on outside the dojo. It will be instilled in them so deeply that the children will be able to apply this in everything they do.

They will understand the importance of setting and following a schedule for their homework and other activities.

They will learn to focus and exert their best in everything they do. They will be taught to complete each task properly and never half heartedly.

They will see that hard work is necessary to achieve great things and that excuses will not get them anywhere.

Realistic goal setting also comes into play here, they will have to do their best if they want to get certain results.

By now, you can already tell that martial arts can help children in so many ways.

It prepares children to face the different challenges that they will inevitably go through in life. 

They will exhibit the virtues and social skills they develop through regular training long after they graduate and they will thank you for it! 

If our team at Black Belt Plus in Burleigh can be one of your partners in raising your children to be strong, smart, healthy and well-rounded individuals - call us today 55220755.

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