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Why More Mums are Taking Karate: Martial Arts for Women

Why more mums are taking karate

More mums than ever are taking martial arts classes for women, and it’s easy to see why- these classes are about so much more than what you’ve seen in the movies. Read on to learn more!

Relieve Stress and Tone Up with Women’s Martial Arts

Why more mums are taking karate in Burleigh Heads

An indisputable fact: Mums are awesome. These women are the superheroes of the world, taking on so much and giving so much in return to everyone in their lives. We want to start by saying that we seriously appreciate all of the work that goes into being a mum in any capacity… and we also understand just how much of that work can weigh on you. If you’re a mum that stays at home, that’s stressful. If you’re a mum that works, that’s stressful too. If you’ve got one kid, stressful. Ten kids, STRESSFUL!

All human beings (women, men, children- all of us) are confronted with stress in the modern world we live in, and we’re all looking to deal with stress better so we can show up better. We can say with confidence that karate classes help hundreds of women in this Burleigh Heads community melt their stress and become the best version of themselves they can be. How? Two words- kicks and punches.

Oftentimes stress is a mental pressure we put on ourselves, pumping ourselves up and kind of catastrophizing into the future. Again, it’s easy to be stressed out as a mum- you’ve got your own life stuff going on, AND your kid’s stuff on top of it. Moving your body in any form will help get that adrenaline OUT of your body and reduce stress pretty much immediately, but karate is really awesome in that you kick and punch your way to that stress-melting feeling. There’s something about getting all that tension, frustration, and anxious energy out through just your arms and legs that feels amazing.

But that’s not all – martial arts is a full-body sport. That means you’re working every muscle to coordinate your body and get the moves right. You’re toning everything, not just your arms and legs. A lot of our members choose women’s martial arts as a gym alternative because they’re learning a life-saving skill (fitness with purpose) and having FUN with their friends. The cool thing too is that martial arts is an individual sport in a group setting, so while you’re working on your own self defence combos, everyone else is learning this amazing skill as well. That sense of community and women’s empowerment is what helps a lot of our mums in karate classes release their stress and embrace their awesomeness. Not only are mums relieving stress and getting toned in martial arts classes, but they’re also learning a life-saving skill- self-defense.

Get Fit Fast Through Self Defence

fit fast in Burleigh Heads

It’s a really, really sad truth that women need to use self-defense and karate skills more often than men do. As we all work to change that fact on a societal scale, more and more people are Realising that self defence is one of those things you don’t ever want to “wish you’d learned” sooner. A lot of mums (and all women in general) have found it really comforting and confidence-boosting to learn self defence skills from our classes. In fact, studies have shown that women who take self-defense trainings feel more confident in their bodies and more confident in public.

Also, ever heard of “mum aggression”? It’s this primal feeling mothers get when someone’s threatening the life they gave birth to (or adopted) and have a deep attachment to. Mums protecting their young in the wild, like bears and lions, go completely nuts on (read: maul and destroy) their predators. Human mums are restrained by these little things called laws that prevent us from mauling each other, but God forbid someone ever comes after you or your kids, you’ll be grateful to know how to protect your life and theirs through self defence.

One last thing. You’re constantly showing your kids the best way to live – how to brush their teeth, comb their hair, use their manners. If we lived in a world where everyone knew how to defend themselves as a last resort, what would life be like, especially for our daughters, our future women? You really never know what ripple effects this life-changing skill can have. Pass down one of the best skills you can- the ability to defend yourself in any situation. Your kids may thank you one day.

Mental Benefits of Women’s Karate- Confidence and Self Respect

Self defence classes in Burleigh Heads

This is a big one for a lot of women taking our martial arts classes, especially mums. Again, we live in an unjust world, so many women Criticise their bodies constantly and even “hate” certain parts of their body in ways that men don’t have to deal with. This means a lot of women are way less confident in themselves, their appearance, and their abilities than they deserve to be.

As our classes help you tone up, get fit and have fun, they’re also helping you build an inner confidence that no outer appearance can touch. Yes, really! Think about it – if you knew without a shadow of a doubt that you could handle any physical situation that came your way, wouldn’t you feel more confident in yourself? If you just smashed your fitness goals and persevered through class, pushing your mind and body in new ways, wouldn’t you hold your head up high coming out of your karate class?

Our instructors are world-class teachers that can teach you everything about self defence and martial arts. But they also know a thing or two about setting and getting goals, persevering through difficulty, and other important life skills that took them from beginner to teacher. (Remember, a black belt is a white belt that never gave up!) This is where that “I am amazing” confidence comes from – believing in yourself, even when you have every reason not to, and getting stuff done. Reaching new heights. Pushing your limits. When you know you’re truly remarkable because of YOUR OWN opinion of yourself, you automatically become more confident, and you glow from the inside out.

AND, again, parents are passing things down to their kids all the time, whether they know it or not. Why not give them the gift of a confident role-model with a healthy dose of self-respect? Why not show them through your actions how confident women can really be?

It sounds cheesy, but it’s true: We help create bully-proof kids in our kids martial arts classes, and in our adult martial arts classes, we help mums negate whatever their inner bullies say through their true confidence.

So: Stress relief, physical fitness, self defence, and confidence- four reasons why mums are joining karate classes like crazy! We have a risk-free (yes, really risk-free!) Black Belt Plus trial at a fraction of the cost to help you dip your toe in and soak up some of these amazing benefits. Try it today and see for yourself how martial arts are changing the lives of mums in our Burleigh Heads every day!