How to Develop Self-Discipline in Children. Black Belt Plus - Gold Coast

The Difference Between Discipline and Punishment

In this blog post, our chief instructor Jonathon Hourigan talks about how to develop self-discipline in children and the difference between discipline and punishment.

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JONATHON: Hi mums and dads, Jonathon Hourigan from Black Belt Plus here in Burleigh, and today I want to talk about how you can develop self-discipline in your child. In our martial arts school, we say to our students that self-discipline is doing the things you know you should do without being reminded. One of the things you could do as a parent is learning to reinforce those skills at home. It’s important to remember that self-discipline and discipline go hand in hand. And the difference, there’s a difference between self-discipline and punishment.

To help your child at home, you can do a number of things. When you see them showing self-discipline, praise them. Give them responsibilities so they can practise self-discipline, and also model self-discipline yourself by doing it, so when they see you making your bed and showing respect to others, then they’re learning that quality as well. So, that’s my take for today, see you soon. Bye.