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Self-Esteem Skills to Defeat Bullying

In this blog post, Chief Instructor Jonathon Hourigan discusses the positive impact the power of words play to help children their defence against bullying, here in the Gold Coast.

We talk about building and developing self-esteem skills to give your children the confidence, courage and positive mindset that will help them effectively deal with any form of bullying. Black Belt Plus Martial Arts Centre prides itself on providing essential self-defence skills through verbal and physical activities and techniques to empower young children to stand-up against bullying and help themselves and others stay safe.


JONATHON: Hi mums and dads, Jonathon Hourigan from Black Belt Plus here in Burleigh. Today I wanted to talk about how we can help you build your child’s self esteem and confidence. One of the first things that we do in our martial arts school is help the children learn how to use their voice.

The sort of things that you can do at home to help them use their voice is like we do in the classes here. We get them to yell. Maybe that’s something you don’t want so much in the house. Getting them to yell, we get them to say, “Yes sir.” In your case it could be saying, “Yes mum.” Getting them to respond. We get them to introduce themselves to other children, so building that bond there. Also with the bullying situation, is getting them to actually always express themselves. Never let a bully interact with them and just ignore it. Always use their words against a bully.

So they’re the steps that we start with. Really working on the voice first, and then we work on the physical second. So hopefully that’s a tip that you can use a home to help your child to build their self esteem.

Look forward to seeing you soon. Bye.