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Here are 3 Ways to Beat the Bully On The Gold Coast


TEACHER: The three things I want you to leave with, I’m going to give you the notes so you can take home to … you can role play this with your mom and dad, and get better at it, but the three ways to beat the bully, we’ve worked on three things, didn’t we? So one was our spirit. Can everybody say spirit sir?

CLASS: Spirit sir.

TEACHER: And spirit was about, to believe in yourself, and to say to yourself, “No one has the right to take my spirit away.” Can you say that again?

CLASS:  No one has the right to take my spirit away.

TEACHER: So these are really powerful words, aren’t they? Okay. The next thing was mind. So everyone say mind sir.

CLASS: Mind sir.

TEACHER: So to educate yourself, and know how to outsmart the bully, because knowledge is power, okay? And then the last one was body. So everyone say body sir.

CLASS: Body sir.

TEACHER: And that was about becoming strong with our body, becoming an excellent martial artist, so that you have the confidence that in your own self-defence capabilities so that you can walk around the school without fear. So that all gets back to the one thing, let’s all say this, your dreams … or say, my dreams.

CLASS: My dreams.

TEACHER: And goals.

CLASS: And goals.

TEACHER: Are too important.

CLASS: Are too important.

TEACHER: For anyone to stop me.

CLASS: For anyone to stop me.

TEACHER: Okay, great. Let’s have a big clap everybody. We’ve got some really cool wristbands, so Dave’s going to walk around and give you a wristband. CJ is going to hand out a copy of the notes. Now with the notes, you only mostly need one per family, so if there are three of you, just one person put their hand up.