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Meet Jonathon Hourigan

Founder and Owner 

Over his 25 years in Martial Arts, 4th degree Black Belt Jonathan Hourigan has a wealth of experience.

He is an internationally certified Instructor and pioneer for child development, curating innovative programs that specifically target anti-bullying, self defence and personal growth.

His carefully designed curriculum equips children with the physical and mental skills needed to achieve through schooling, lead a peaceful home life, and become the best possible version of themselves.

As both founder and Chief Instructor of Black Belt Plus, Jonathon is at the forefront of the industry with a passion to go beyond the expectations of traditional Martial Arts practice, and create an outlet to inspire and empower today’s youth.

Why Choose Us?

Our age-specific programs are designed by professionals with expertise in martial arts, fitness and psychology.  Every program develops students both physically and emotionally. 

Safety is important, so our purpose-built facility contains well maintained, quality equipment to ensure training is both fun and safe.  Our flooring is designed for martial arts training for all ages.  Our centre is maintained regularly and we ensure it's clean, hygienic and inviting.

Our staff are full-time professionals who are also committed to developing the best skills in their students.  They are hand-picked for each program they teach.  Classes have strict instructor/student ratios - to ensure students achieve the best possible results in the shortest time.

Families enjoy our member community and new friendships are easily made. 

Meet Our Team

Olivia Stefanac

Program Co-ordinator / Snr Instructor

Olivia has been training with Black Belt Plus for 21 years. She holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt and is also a qualified accountant. Olivia has been working with Black Belt Plus since 2010 and teaches all the Black Belt Plus programs. As the school manager she is responsible for managing events and monitoring systems. Olivia also has a keen interest in curriculum development for our martial arts school.

James Collins


James is a 2nd degree black belt and has been training with Black Belt Plus for 14 years and teaching since 2013. James teaches the full range of Black Belt Plus programs and has a passion for educating children. He is an energetic and caring instructor who loves seeing results in his students.  He goes the extra mile to ensure his students are happy and progressing.

Cristie Jordan

My Fitness Kickboxing - Head Instructor

Cristie joined our team in 2016 as our program co-ordinator and with her excellent people skills she has built great relationships with our students and their families. Late 2017 Cristie became our Head My Fitness Kickboxing instructor, teaching mid morning & evening classes and does the day to day running of the program. Cristie has a personal passion for fitness and health and is also a qualified personal trainer and computer technician.

Carmel Gentile

Program Director / Instructor

Carmel started her martial arts journey at 5 years old, and was teaching at just 16 years. She is a first degree Black Belt in Wu Chi Chuan Kung Fu; holds certifications in Sports Coaching & Community Recreation, and Group Fitness. Whilst living in Sydney she trained in Muay Thai Kickboxing, and worked as both an Instructor & Program Manager for large gyms. Whilst living in Los Angeles she trained under the Legendary “Benny the Jet”. Since deciding to move back to her Gold Coast hometown she has brought her wealth of knowledge and vivacious personality to our team as Program Director.

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