Tips and Advice on How to Improve Your Kids Grades

7 Weapons for Improving Kids Grades

Kids are so engrossed with gadgets and online games that it has become even more of a challenge to get them to focus on school work!

As soon as they step out of school, they're onto mobile phones and start tapping away. martial arts gold coast

We have all heard of the negative effects of technology on young minds. They have trouble paying attention and learning new things, they tend to be lazy and all that.

It isn’t surprising to get average scores on their tests or report cards. The thing is, they can’t really be blamed. If we had those during our time, we would probably be just as obsessed.

What we can do, however, is help them achieve better grades by establishing a few guidelines that can help them do better in school.

1. Work as a Team.

Take the time to talk with your child’s teacher/s in identifying problem areas. They may have several observations during class that can help you plan out how best to help your child.

Is your child falling asleep in class? Does your child seem to have trouble seeing what is written in the blackboard or getting along with some classmates?

These may seem like little or unrelated issues but they actually play a big part in learning as well.

Schedule an appointment to discuss these things and take advantage by asking for advice as well as additional materials that may help your child do better. 

2. Know what works best for them.

We all have different personalities, therefore we all have different learning styles as well. Observe how your child studies, suggest alternatives and note what actually works well for him or her.

Some children like using flashcards to help them learn a lesson, others understand concepts better when shown an infographic.

Some need total peace and quiet while there are actually some who need a bit of background noise. Figure out their learning style and use it to their advantage.

3. Set a schedule and stick to it.

Make a schedule for them to follow after school. Maybe your child will study better after a shower or snack. Maybe he or she will need a quick nap first? kids martial arts gold coast

Whatever it is, make sure that enough time is set for studying each subject and that all homework or projects get completed.

Sometimes, low grades are caused by missing homework or late projects because children do not really realise the weight these have on their final grades and that can certainly be frustrating.

Gadgets or television will have to wait until the weekend, and only after all school work and chores are finished.

4. Get them organised.

This one may actually be the only one you need to solve the problem. Give your child simple organisational tips that will help them focus on their priorities and help them stick to their study schedule.

Have them write down all their homework and deadlines in one notebook or a planner so that they can keep track easily.

Have their books and other study materials on one bookshelf beside their desk for easy access. kids karate gold coast

Colour code their subjects and the corresponding books and notebooks for easy reference. Have a whiteboard or cork board by their desk so they can place reminders or important notes there.

These will surely help them in working their way to better grades.

5. Encourage them.

If your child is not doing well in school, it won’t help if you compare them with those who are, or make them feel bad about it.

Instead, boost their self-esteem by constantly reminding them that they are smart enough and that they can definitely do better and remind them that you are always there to help.

Let them know that they already have it in them to do better, they just need to know their priorities, focus and apply more effort.

6. Set Achievable Goals.

You should not expect a quick turnaround. Talk to your child about setting goals that will show continued progress during a reasonable amount of time.

It can mean simple achievements such as not forgetting homework, completing all projects on time, or getting at least 10 points higher on their next test.

Once they are able to achieve that, they will have more confidence to aim higher next time. Kids karate training gold coast

7. Give them due credit.

There is no doubt that it will require a lot of work to improve your child’s performance in school, and most of it will come from them.

So aside from letting them know how well they have been doing and how you have noticed that they are working extra hard, consider giving them a reward. martial arts for kids gold coast

It doesn't have to be anything expensive or big, and might be as simple as letting them skip a certain chore will do the trick.

It will make them feel that all their hard work is appreciated and recognised, and it will certainly motivate them to keep up the good work.

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