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Our Amazing Kids Classes will Help Your Child to Become More Confident, Focused and Better Behaved!

If your kids are struggling with low confidence, you’re stressed out at home or work and are looking for a practical solution, then Black Belt Plus on the Gold Coast can help.

You deserve time for yourself and your kids need to be in a program that is designed to help them become the best version of themselves. That is why we’re here.

Our highly popular children’s programs cover co-ordination for the 3 to 6 year olds, focus and discipline for primary aged children and social skills, respect and empowerment for teens.

We are fully aware of the times we live in and the stresses and strains our children are facing. We live in an era dominated by technology and social media and our curriculum is tailored to each age group with the aim of building the right skills, strategies and a positive mindset.

Adults classes and Fitness Kickboxing classes are results driven, designed to help you reach your fitness and weight-loss goals and equip you with the self-defence skills needed to keep you and your family safe.

We are a “Safety First” school which is purpose-built for martial arts training. Our bright, clean facility with state of the art equipment includes safety flooring and age-appropriate training aids which makes us a safer option than ballroom dancing!

Hear What Gold Coast Parents Are Saying!

Analiza Bray

(Josh & Brooke's mum)

"...it brought tears to my eyes"

I just want to say it brought tears to my eyes to see my son Joshua do so well in class tonight. I saw him do things I’ve not seen him doing before, and I can see his 100% effort and determination. His instructor is such a great role model and Joshua looks up to him a lot. Black Belt Plus is such a great dojo. I’ve never seen a place where staff are so friendly, they go out of their way to help you and even send out notes to say thank you, and different commendations which inspire kids to do more. Thank you for being a part of our son’s great discipline and fitness.

Katrina Johnston

(Alijah's mum)

"...huge change in his balance, focus and co-ordination"

Alijah was 3 when he started and the smallest in the class. We could see the benefits of the program and were really unsure whether to continue because he was so clingy. We felt so strongly that it was a great program for 3 + 4 year olds and we are so happy now that we've stuck it out. The changes in Alijah are so positive. His social skills have improved, he doesn't need us in the class with him anymore, and his instructors also notice a huge change is his balance, focus and co-ordination. We really can recommend Prep Little Ninjas to other families.

Patricia Young

(Shamus' mum)

"...and this was life changing”

I cannot recommend Black Belt Plus highly enough. My son has been badly bullied and humiliated from his first day of school, he had no self confidence and thought everything was his fault. After just one month of training my son was happy, more confident and determined to turn his life around. Last Thursday he completed his 100th lesson. Today he is a happy, well adjusted, confident, outgoing individual who stands up for himself and others. This program not only improved his mental and physical self but his grades as well. He has gone from strength to strength and now believes he can accomplish anything. Black Belt Plus went above and beyond to help, with anti-bullying workshops, private lessons and unconditional support and praise.

Deb Burgermeister

(Jackson's mum)

..."it's been such a perfect fit after trying so many sports"

We want to say how special you made Jackson feel on Sat and we appreciate the effort you guys put in for the enjoyment and development of our child. It has been such a perfect fit for Jackson after years of trying soccer, cricket, gymnastics and trampolining, this is finally "his thing". Jackson really is dedicated for the long term and just loves it so much. You can always ask him to help you with anything you need and I'm sure he would rise to the challenge. He plays chess also which has amazed us in his concentration for that. We are so grateful to have found your wonderful welcoming place.

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