The Burleigh Martial Arts program that gets you results.
Finally, a Freestyle Martial Arts Class that's Safe,
Easy to Follow, Non-Intimidating and Gets You Results...

The difference with our program is you learn the
best techniques from 4 great martial art styles!

Boxing classes black belt plus
Adult karate classes black belt plus
Womans fitness martial art training
Kickboxing black belt plus


If you need a kick-start to a toned body, this is it! You get to learn the basic moves: Jab, Cross, Hook and the Uppercut. We utilise methods of professional boxers to get you co-ordinated and fit using these moves. It's a sure way to tone and strengthen your arms and body, fast!


Our dynamic freestyle curriculum is a finely tuned blend of traditional and modern taekwondo, with an innovative approach to self defence and fitness. It's great exercise for your both your mind and body - you'll leave class feeling invigorated and energised!  The complementary personal development program builds skills to bring out your personal best - physically, socially and emotionally.


Kickboxing is a blend of Boxing moves and Kicking techniques that are derived from Muay Thai, Karate and Taekwondo. These techniques help to build your balance and co-ordination plus develop timing. You'll be getting a total body workout while developing a strong 'core'.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a great art to learning clinch and ground fighting with the aim of obtaining a submission using submission holds. This is a total body workout, and you'll be using every muscle as you learn to grapple.

Clare Waring

"...his martial arts training has made a huge impact on his self confidence."

My son Elliott has been training for 12 months or so and his martial arts has made a huge impact on his self confidence. As a teenage boy it’s a big challenge to “accept" and "be yourself”. He used to feel unsure about himself and his abilities, and was underachieving at school. His martial arts training has really helped to turn this around. At school he was achieving less than average grades, and his attendance was patchy. School was not a fun place to be. With his improved confidence, his grades are now As, he’s enjoying school and his attitude at home has improved. 

“Walking away from situations is as important as defending themselves..."

This school really teaches self defence without producing aggressive students. I enjoy the convenience of my 3 children training together and have noticed they have become much calmer since their energy is redirected with training. My daughter enjoys the excellent role model of her female instructor and my eldest son is learning valuable leadership skills. Knowing my children have the strength and confidence to walk away from situations is as important as the ability to defend themselves.”

Denise Stefanac 
Grant Vorhauer

“ always feel a part of the family here”

Tonight I've fulfilled my life-long dream of becoming a Black Belt, and I've done this journey with my kids. I've improved my fitness and self defence skills and I'm a better person for it.  It's been a great experience for me and my family, and these are the things that we'll remember for the rest of our lives.  I want to thank this school, the instructors are great and you always feel like you are a part of the family here.  We've all made some great friends.

“I was able to defend my wife...”

Just a couple of weeks into my beginner classes, my wife was attacked by a man at our home.  I was able to use the simple skills I had learned in just a few classes to remove him from my property and hold him until the Police arrived.  What surprised me was how I did it so automatically.  The beginner techniques just worked so well, and I could do them effectively after just a few classes!

Brendan Smith

Q: “Will I get hurt?"

Although we are trained to defend ourselves, our students aren't the ones to start fights.  In fact they do the opposite - and avoid these situations! However if the need arises, they are skilled to defend themselves and their family. Your curriculum is effective and you'll be getting a total body workout in a safe environment.  We train on specialty flooring and use equipment including pads, bags, clappers and other items to develop your skills in fun classes.  You progress at your own pace and we are a supportive team here to help you achieve your goals.  It's no harder than a gym workout - although it's lots more fun!

Q: “Do I need to be fit?”

No! So many of our students just haven't found a sport they love enough to continue with. The average student is not in great shape to start with, although they get into shape fast once they start training.  We're here to help you overcome obstacles and achieve great results with you aerobic fitness plus improved muscle tone and endurance. 

Q: “Is there a beginner class?”

Yes, you start in the beginners’ class with other students just like you.  We nurture you and build your skills gradually, ensuring you are on track to your goal of Black Belt!  Just relax, everyone was once a beginner as we all remember the build up to our first class!

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