Do You Think Martial Arts Can Improve Your Child’s Grades?

Exercise such as martial arts positively impacts children’s academic performance, according to the Journal of Pediatrics. The University of Madrid conducted a three-year study, which included 2,038 individuals aged 6 to 18. As physical fitness improves individuals’ health, it also positively affects the brain. This study indicated exercise can enhance students’ ability to perform well in school.

Physical exercise improves academic performance.

Researchers found that motor ability, cardiorespiratory capacity and muscular strength all play a role in benefiting students’ academic performance. In fact, motor ability is strongly associated with academic development. Irene Esteban-Cornejo, MSc, Autonomous University of Madrid stated high levels of cardiorespiratory and motor fitness had the ability to decrease the risk of school failure.

TIME magazine indicated intellectual programs coupled with physical exercise can play a major role in impacting students’ success in school. In addition, TIME also pulled from other studies that show effective heart and lung function leads to better blood flow in the brain. Therefore, this can enhance cognitive abilities.

Martial arts can help students achieve better grades.

Given this study, it’s crucial for young individuals to engage in physical fitness. There are various ways to motivate students to exercise. KidsHealth, a children development advice site, suggested parents, teachers, coaches and mentors highlight how exercise can be a fun activity. Kids have to enjoy exercising to stay committed. In addition, it’s best for students to participate in a sport that is aligns with their age and interests. If this is not prioritized, a child or adolescent most likely becomes bored and quits.

However, when students enjoy the activity, they are more likely to stick with it. KidsHealth stated when children and adolescents practice a skill, they feel accomplished. This is especially true when their efforts are recognised.

Martial arts includes both aerobic exercise and motor tasks, which is an ideal exercise for children and adolescents. As children participate in martial arts classes, they have a better chance of reaching their academic potential.

How Karate Will Help Improve Your Child’s Grades in School

Training in karate gives your child a whole lot of benefits. It gives them skills, confidence and often helps with their self-esteem.

But did you know that karate classes can help your child do better in school?

Karate helps with the development of many skills that students need, so if your child is struggling with school work, you might want to consider registering him/her for karate classes.

1. Rigorous academics require discipline

2. Being prepared leads to success

3. Good students have to be able to focus

4. Setting and achieving goals is critical to success

5. Physical activity builds cognitive functions

Children can learn a lot more than just how to do a good roundhouse kick at their local karate class. The physical lessons in martial arts are definitely important but the mental lessons learned in the dojo can benefit children in many areas of their lives including in the classroom.

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